Northwest Crane Service Safety Culture

Let’s Work Together, Safely.

A Strong, Authentic Safety Culture Is Our Top Priority

At Northwest Crane Service, we invest in our Safety Culture.  Why do we do this?  Because we know our team members are the most important part of Northwest and our goal is for every employee to return home safely every day.  Our team members’ families deserve this, and we intend to deliver it.

How do we invest in our Safety Culture? Through significant commitments of time, resources, and finances.  These commitments are channeled into effective training programs, mentoring, and coaching for our team members which instill in them a world view that is centered on Safety.

Is our Safety Culture effective?  Yes, the trackable results and our industry statistics prove it.  However, we realize that we cannot be complacent.  Therefore, we are committed to continually improving our safety performance through analysis of our incident reporting system, implementing new strategies to address potential unsafe trends, listening to our employees, and empowering every employee with Stop Work Authority.

Ultimately, we aim to build a Safety Culture which consistently yields Zero Incidents, Zero Accidents, and Zero Injuries.  We believe this is attainable.

Crane crew working safely

Safety & Training Programs

Safety is our top priority at Northwest. We provide our employees with effective, relevant safety training which specifically addresses our work, our equipment, our processes, and our expectations. We also provide our employees with the necessary tools, protective equipment, and support for them to perform their work safely and correctly.

We maintain a comprehensive set of safety policies, requirements, and guidelines which are defined in our Health, Safety, & Environmental Manual.  Topics from our HSE Manual, as well as safety alerts and other relevant safety topics, are discussed regularly in our weekly safety meetings and in our daily pre-task safety meetings.

Additionally, we maintain a comprehensive employee certification program that covers every activity our field personnel engage in.  Whether the task is to operate a crane, assemble a crane, operate a forklift, rig a load, or operate one of our hydraulic platform trailers, our certification program covers all of these activities plus many more.

Many of our clients have stringent, site-specific safety training programs which are mandatory for all contractors.  In such cases, our Safety Team works directly with our employees to ensure the proper training courses are completed, that required certifications are current, and that all necessary personnel information is communicated to our client in a timely manner.

We believe nothing is more important than safety.

Our Employee Safety Training Program Includes:

  • New Hire Orientation
  • OSHA 10 Hr / OSHA 30 Hr
  • MSHA Part 46 Training & Refresher
  • PEC SafeLand USA
  • Basic Orientation Plus
  • Site Specific Training & Refresher Training
  • Forklift Certification
  • Signal Person Training
  • Certified Rigger Training

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