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Northwest Crane Service has experience with a wide variety of heavy lifting projects, many of which involve extreme heights, high load weights, and challenging locations. Our industry-leading Liebherr all-terrain cranes and crawler cranes are designed to perform a broad range of heavy lift applications safely and efficiently.

Northwest routinely deploys its heavy lift cranes to client sites across the country.  Whether your project calls for replacing critical wind turbine components, erecting new wind turbines, lifting and setting a refinery processing vessel weighing hundreds of tons, or installing equipment at extreme radius, Northwest has the right heavy lift solution.

Before we ever mobilize to your project location, hours of planning will take place.  We will carefully prepare mobilization plans, crane assembly plans, rigging plans, and lift plans to ensure our skilled personnel are equipped with every resource they need to safely execute your work. Once we complete, know that the same diligence will go into getting our people and equipment safely off your job site and back home.

Call on Northwest for your next heavy lift project; we are ready to go to work for you.

Diesel Vac Tower

Featured Large Crane Projects

Our top priorities are safety and efficiency. We take great pride in our ability to meet the needs of nearly any project in any industry, all while completing our work safely, on-schedule, and on-budget. Please click below to learn about a few of the large crane projects we have completed recently.  To learn more about other projects we have completed, visit our Projects Page

transformer crane project

Ft. Supply Transformer Set

Northwest Crane Service offers a wide range of efficient lifting options for the Power Generation and Transmission industry. Our modern fleet of Liebherr mobile hydraulic cranes are compact and highly maneuverable allowing them to navigate tight substation locations and

Leedy Gas Plant

Leedey Gas Plant

Northwest’s LTM 1400 and LTM 1200 set two 110ft long vessels that weighed 140,000 lbs and a 120 ft tall 108,000 lbs Demethanizing tower at a gas plant near Leedey, Oklahoma. Rolling Snatch Block rigging

Northwest's LTM 1400 7.1 setting a 115,000lbs Catalyst Tray

Northwest’s LTM 1400 7.1 setting a 115,000lbs Catalyst Tray

Northwest’s LTM 1400-7.1 removed and replaced a 115,000 lbs Catalyst Tray in a refinery in northwest Oklahoma. While setting the tray the crew had to maneuver the piece into a space limited structure that required

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