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Full-Service Crane Rental – Owned, Operated, and Maintained by Northwest

Full-Service Crane Rental

When you rent an operated and maintained crane from Northwest, you will receive a modern, well maintained piece of equipment staffed by industry leading operators and riggers. Once at your job site, our highly skilled and experienced lifting and rigging professionals will work with you to ensure our responsibilities are completed safely and efficiently.

When you entrust your job to Northwest Crane Service, know that you will receive everything you need to complete the job safely, on time, and on budget.  Our cranes will be deployed to your project location equipped with steel outrigger pads, a base load of counterweight, and a set of rigging that will be suitable for most lifts.  While our competitors charge extra for these services, with Northwest these project-critical items are always included.

In the event your project requires specialized rigging, additional matting, steel plating, or additional counterweight we have all these items in stock and ready to go to work at your job site.

Let us put our expertise to work for you on your next project.  We will help you get the job done right.

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Northwest Crane Service Equipment

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With our wide selection of top-of-the-line Liebherr cranes, we can safely complete virtually any lift for your project. Ranging from the small, maneuverable LTC 1050-3.1 to the 1,200 ton capacity LR 11000 we offer a versatile mix of cranes, each with unique advantages and capabilities.

Completing a challenging job requires more than just heavy equipment. It also requires knowledgeable planning, the right configuration, and safe, cost-effective execution to ensure your project stays on track. For these reasons, we own Liebherr cranes because of their industry leading lifting capacities, ease of transport, ease of assembly, redundant safety systems, and flexibility.  We also invest in specialized attachments for our cranes so we can provide the exact configuration needed for your project.  Whether you need superlift for one of our large crawlers, or a luffing jib to set an A/C unit at long radius, we have these attachments available as well as many more.

Industries We Serve

We provide lifting and transportation solutions for many different industries. On any given day, you will find our equipment and people at work on renewable energy projects, in petrochemical plants, in refineries, on civil construction sites, in natural gas processing facilities, in conventional power plants, at communication infrastructure sites, and at mining facilities. Some of our projects include lifting and transportation of natural gas compressors, lifting and rigging services to support power construction projects, railroad and rail yard work, wind turbine construction and maintenance, and much more.

We understand that the needs and challenges presented by each industry are unique.  Because of this, we carefully plan and execute each project based upon the specific conditions, requirements, limitations, and challenges present. When your project requires attention to detail, safety, and efficiency call on Northwest.

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Our Operators and Riggers

At Northwest, we strive to instill our Safety Culture into our operators and riggers.  We employ a number of methods to cultivate and encourage safe working practices; safety training, craft training, an employee certification program, an incident reporting and analysis system, Stop Work authority, and a safety bonus program to name just a few. Along with safety education, our operators and riggers receive crane-specific, industry-specific, and task-specific training and mentoring to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to tackle any challenge.  This approach has been highly successful for us, as attested by our industry-leading safety statistics.  When your project needs to be done right the first time, entrust your lifting and rigging requirements to the Northwest team.

Our Team’s Training Includes:

  • New Hire Orientation
  • OSHA 10 Hr/ OSHA 30 Hr
  • MSHA Part 46 Training & Refresher
  • PEC SafeLand USA
  • Basic Orientation Plus
  • Site Specific Training & Refresher Training
  • Forklift Certification
  • Signal Person Training
  • Certified Rigger Training
  • OSHA10 Electrical Hazard program

Northwest Crane Service Maintenance Program

A properly maintained crane is essential for safe and efficient operation. As such, to ensure the safety and reliability of our equipment, we employ a managed maintenance program based on manufacturer requirements for all our equipment.  Our factory-trained mechanics and service technicians are equipped with the proper tools, equipment, parts, and lubricants to keep our equipment in perfect working order.  Before our equipment arrives at your job site, it will be inspected to ensure it is safe, ready to go to work, and ready to help get your job done right.

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