Heavy Lift Lattice Boom Crawler Cranes

Maximum Capacity. Efficient Mobilization. Perfect for Heavy and High Lifts.

Crawler Cranes

Crawler cranes are some of the most maneuverable and versatile equipment in the crane rental industry. With a wide variety of rigging arrangements, boom types, and crane sizes, we can easily help you find the ideal equipment for your job. Our Liebherr crawler cranes have completed challenging projects across an array of industries including jobs at petrochemical refineries, wind farms, natural gas processing plants, power transmission stations, civil construction sites, and many more.

Crawler cranes require efficient planning from start to finish.  When you call on Northwest to provide a crawler crane for your project, know that every detail of the project will be carefully and knowledgeably planned and executed. Northwest’s team is trained in every facet of our Liebherr equipment.  Need to safely walk a crawler across a wind farm to stay on schedule? Need to assemble a luffing jib across pipe racks or other obstructions in a refinery? Need to move a crawler beneath a power line without removing the line or completely disassembling the crane? Call on Northwest. We safely and efficiently carry out tasks like these every day to save you time and money.

Featured Crawler Crane Projects

Our top priorities are safety and efficiency. We take great pride in our ability to meet the needs of nearly any project in any industry, all while completing our work safely, on-schedule, and on-budget. Please click below to learn about a few of the crawler crane projects we have completed recently.  To learn more about other projects we have completed, visit our Projects Page.

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