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Limited Space? Live Equipment? Overhead Obstructions?

Northwest’s Jack & Slide Expertise is the Solution.

Jack & Slide Solutions

Jack & slide is the ideal solution for sites with limited space, overhead obstructions, and restricted access to installation areas.  And sometimes, jack & slide is just the most cost-effective method for removing or installing large, heavy pieces of equipment.  For instance, the cost to install a heavy, utility scale transformer using jack & slide technology is a fraction of what it would cost to do the work with cranes.

Another perfect application of our jack & slide expertise is in the removal and installation of horizontal vessels in pipe racks.  With one of our rigging crews, an entire jack & slide system can be set up to facilitate removal and replacement of a horizontal vessel in two shifts.  When needed, we can also design, engineer, and fabricate custom jacking saddles to fit any horizontal vessel.

Our jack & slide solutions utilize rigging techniques which have been utilized by mankind for millennia.  Of course, our 500-ton capacity HydraSlide HT500 system incorporates the very latest digital controls, synchronized lifting and sliding technology, material technology, and failsafe systems to ensure safety and efficiency.  Unlike cranes, which perform a lift from above with a pulling action, a jack & slide operation lifts objects from below with a pushing action. Hydraulic jacks lift the load slightly, so the slide and supports can be positioned below the load. The slides then move the load horizontally to its desired destination.

Northwest’s expert rigging crews, combined with our industry-leading jack & slide equipment, is perfectly suited for a wide variety of projects and industries. When you call on Northwest for jack & slide solutions, rest assured that your equipment will be handled safely and with precision regardless of the equipment weight, slide distance, or surrounding obstacles.

Safety and Versatility

Every jack & slide project undertaken by Northwest is designed and engineered by one of Northwest’s knowledgeable staff engineers.  Reviews of all plans are conducted by other Northwest engineers, the project manager, and the project superintendent to ensure our methodology is sound, safe, and practical for field execution.  When it comes time to execute the plan, a complete set of job prints is provided to the project superintendent.  Any questions our superintendent may have can be immediately answered in the field, because the responsible engineer will always be on the job from start to finish.

Our approach to jack & slide projects goes well above and beyond industry standards.  Why do we do this? Because it is the safe thing to do.  Because it is the right thing to do.  Call on Northwest for your next jack & slide project; we are ready to go to work for you.

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Jack & Slide Projects

Jack & slide operations are effective for a wide variety of industries, environments, and project types. For some jobs, a jack & slide approach may be ideal for certain aspects of the work, while a crane may be used at other stages. Many loading and unloading operations start with a jack & slide system to move a piece of equipment to a position where it can then be lifted by a crane.  This is especially true when equipment is located inside of a building or structure, and it must be moved outside to be lifted by a crane for loading onto transportation equipment.  Of course, some operations begin with a crane lifting a piece of equipment onto our jack & slide system which then moves the equipment inside a building for installation.  Regardless of the order of work, Northwest has the skilled personnel, cranes, and jack & slide equipment to get your job done right.

Jack & Slide Project
Jack & Slide Project
jack and slide

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