Self-Propelled Modular Platform Transporters

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Self-Propelled Modular Platform Transporters

Moving heavy equipment is a complex process that requires attention to every detail. With today’s ever larger loads, one wrong step can result in costly delays or damage to your equipment. At Northwest, we realize there is no margin for error when it comes to safely transporting your project cargo. As such, we have assembled an industry-leading team of transportation experts and have equipped them with the best self-propelled modular transporter available anywhere in the world, the Goldhofer PST/SL-E.

With the best steering capabilities of any self-propelled transporter on the market and maximum capacity of nearly 40 tons per axle line, the Goldhofer PST/SL-E from Northwest is the ideal solution for your heavy transport project. Does your project require maneuvering a large transformer into position for jack & slide installation? Call on the Northwest transport team. Does your project need to maneuver a long, heavy vessel through confined refinery roadways? Look no further than the Goldhofer PST/SL-E from Northwest.

Northwest’s transport capabilities are not just limited to on-site operations, though. We are fully equipped to safely execute roll-on and roll-off (RORO) operations for your barge transport project, and our Goldhofer PST/SL-E is even legal for over-the-road use in many areas. With its industry leading deck height, transport capacity, ease-of-use, versatility, and safety the Goldhofer PST/SL-E from Northwest is the ideal solution for your next transport project.

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