Northwest’s LTM 1200 Picks a 400,000 lbs Locomotive

Northwest Team Members worked to rig up Northwest’s LTM 1200-5.1 with 160,000 lbs of counterweight and 295,000 lbs capacity heavy lift block to pick halve of a 400,000 lbs Locomotive in Noble, OK. The team had to lift the locomotive 6ft to winch a traction motor out from underneath.

Northwest's LTM 1200 Picks a 400,000lbs Locomotive

Location: Noble, OK

Industry: Civil Construction / Maintenance

Equipment Type: All-Terrain Mobile Crane

Equipment #: Liebherr LTM 1200-5.1

What Our Clients Are Saying:


“I want to thank Chris and Northwest Crane Service for the quick response of the safety pin issue.  I told the team how much I appreciated the safe work ethic and excellent job they did on the project here this week. They made a major job task look easy!  Thanks for all y’all did for the project successes this week sir!”

Terry L Smith 
HSE Advisor CSPI

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